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Does the every day feel a little too….every day? What if you could get away. Find out how to take a better vacation that gives you the flexibility to go where you want, when you want, and saves you money, too!

Not sure how to fit an entire Thanksgiving feast into your vacation meal plan? We’ve got a list of travel-sized, quick-prep recipes that might help! | VacationBetter.org

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When you think about Thanksgiving, what images pop into your head? Maybe it’s a family gathered around a table, a turkey with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie for dessert? But if you’re spending Thanksgiving on vacation, how do you get the same nostalgic meal without spending an entire vacation day in the kitchen?

To help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of recipes that are a travel-sized, quick-prep twist on Thanksgiving, leaving you the time to enjoy yourself without losing the spirit of the holiday.


Turkey Sliders (From The Pinning Mama)


Roasted Green Beans (from Primavera Kitchen)


Almost Instant Mashed Potatoes (from Relish)


Quick & Stuffing (from Campbell’s Kitchen)


Easy Pumpkin Mug Cake (from The Gunny Snack)

Starting to feel like Thanksgiving to you? Great! Don’t forget to snap a picture of everyone sharing or preparing your meal for a chance to win a $100 gift card that you can use to stop by the grocery store on the way to your next meal! Learn more and enter here.

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It’s a fact: Cooking on vacation saves you money. Money you could spend on something more memorable than a breakfast sandwich.

Still, the last thing you want to spend your precious vacation time doing is trying to come up with your next meal. Chances are, you’ll opt for a quicker option that will cost you more than you were hoping to spend. Luckily, with a little planning, you can save yourself the hassle—and some cash.

Plus, by planning your meals ahead of time, you’re actually enjoying the benefits of vacationing even before heading out the door.

So how do you do it? Well, you’re in luck!

Here’s our no-stress guide to vacation meal planning:

Step 1: Review your vacation itinerary.

Remember, you’re going on vacation. You deserve a few fancy meals out, especially if that’s an important part of your vacation experience. So take a look at your schedule. Are you celebrating any special events? Is there a brunch spot everyone says you just have to try? Schedule those meals as “vacation activities” and fill in the rest. If you know you’ll be spending all day at an amusement park, you’ll probably have to buy lunch, but that still leaves breakfast and dinner open. Going to the beach? You can easily pack a lunch that day! Spending the day skiing on the mountain? Pack sandwiches and snacks for everyone as on-mountain dining is pricey. This will help account for how many meals you need to plan for versus what you already anticipate buying.

Step 2: Schedule your meals.

The easiest way to stay organized is to schedule your meals so you aren’t making any game-time decisions—you’ll already know what’s on the menu.  Write it out for each day: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Include your activity meals so you know where the holes are and then start filling them in!

Step 3: Fill in the gaps.

Once you know what meals you plan on making, you can start making a list of what you want to eat. Some you can keep simple; others require more planning. Make sure that your unit has the tools you need to create your meals or that you’re bringing the necessary tool along with you.


This is probably the easiest meal to prepare in your timeshare kitchen, since it can be as simple or as complicated as you like! Try to pick something simple that you don’t mind eating all week long, such as cereal or oatmeal, since it cuts down on how many ingredients you need to buy and doesn’t require much prep or cleaning. Making breakfast burritos ahead of time is a great way for everyone to eat on their own schedule. You can mix it up by adding local fruits or buying a brand of cereal you wouldn’t normally get at home.


Think back to your grade school days when brown bag lunches were all the rage. If you’re packing your days full of activities and don’t have time stop back at the room, make sure to pack something you can carry with you. The obvious choice? Sandwiches and wraps. Just like with breakfast, you only have to buy the ingredients and it’ll last you all week.


Snacks are critical for vacations because not everyone gets hungry at the same time, and sometimes you don’t need a full meal to satisfy your hunger pain. When it comes to snacks, think simple. Snacks that come individually packaged are great for when you’re on the go. A bag of pretzels or crackers will not only run you significantly less than an impulse French fry purchase, but it will be healthier too! Many grocery stores have single-sized healthy snacks available. And remember, you’re on vacation! Get a few guilty-pleasure snacks, too. It’s okay, we won’t tell.


This is where planning becomes important. Know exactly how many meals you are going to make and pick them out ahead of time. This will help you plan your shopping list. Try not to choose anything that may need special hardware. Often times, timeshare units will have things like slow cookers available upon request, but make sure to call ahead and make sure! We doubt you’ll have enough suitcase space to bring your own. Note: It might be good to leave one homemade dinner spot empty. This leaves you the flexibility to go out for dinner if you really don’t feel like cooking or to finish up any leftovers before you head home!

Step 4: Make lists.

Make a list of EVERYTHING you will need to create the dishes on your menu. Even down to the seasonings. Don’t worry, this isn’t your shopping list. Once you have everything written out, see where you have overlap and what you can bring from home. Now make a second list of everything you can bring from home and a third list of everything you’ll still need to buy at the store. Keep quantity in mind.

The goal is to only have to make one trip to the store, and to finish up your vacation without bringing anything extra home.


Once you have your lists and your schedule, you’re all set! No more worrying about what’s for dinner. Now you can spend all that extra money and focus on what really matters—you.

Happy Planning!

Not sure what to make? Check out our vacation recipe Pinterest page! Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for recipes perfect for any vacation.

Packing for vacation? Here’s what you should bring when you’re headed to your timeshare. | Vacationbetter.org | #travel #cooking #meal

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Timeshare has you pretty much covered when it comes to the kitchen. You’ll have just about everything you need waiting for you, but there are a few things you might want to grab from home to save yourself some hassle.

Pre-measured spices. You don’t want to have to buy all new spices once you get to the resort, so consider bringing a few basics along with you. Need just a little for one recipe? Consider pre-measuring what you need out in a pill container or plastic baggies to save on space!

Cooking oil. Unless you’ll need a whole bottle for frying, you won’t want to purchase a new one for a couple of recipes. Bring your own, or measure it out into a smaller container.

Non-stick spray. Chances are you won’t use an entire can while you’re there, so bring what you have from home if possible, and save yourself from having to throw out the rest.

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Necessary for cooking or saving leftovers, but only if you can spare the room in your suitcase.

Plastic tupperware. Great for leftovers and you can toss them before you head home.

When space is at a premium, it’s important to have a plan. Knowing what you’re going to make helps you plan what you’ll need to bring. If your goal is to save money by cooking on vacation, don’t overspend on what you might not get a chance to use!

Ziploc Bags.  If space is a concern, plastic ziploc bags are the way to go!  They’re great for leftovers, pre-packing ingredients or even non-kitchen items.

Flying? Some things you can carry on the plane, others you can check in your suitcase, but space is still limited. So if you don’t think you’ll be able to buy what you need at a local grocer, consider these tricks for bringing food on a plane:

  • Put boxed foods in plastic bags with the instructions written on the bag to save on weight and space.
  • Dry soups and sauces. Just add water!
  • Bring a rolling or collapsible cooler as a carry on for your frozen or refrigerated foods. (On the way back, use it for souvenirs or leftovers!)

Check out this list of what you can and can’t bring on the plane (under the Food tab).

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