Traveler Quiz

It’s raining. What do you do to pass the time?

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Watch TV or a movie
Have a family game day instead
Read a book
Order room service
Put my rain jacket on and go sightseeing
Go to a museum or a restaurant

Traveler Quiz

You’re looking through your travel photos. What’s in the majority of photos?

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Question 2 of 5

Sunrise over the ocean or landscape shots
Family snapshots
Me on top of the Eiffel Tower
The wonderful meals I enjoyed
Adventurous sightseeing pictures
City streets and local culture

Traveler Quiz

Where is your dream vacation located?

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Question 3 of 5

Relaxing beach
Heart of a bustling city
Snowy mountain
Action-packed theme park resort
Intriguing foreign country
Peaceful countryside

Traveler Quiz

Which activity do you like to do on vacation?

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Question 4 of 5

Kayaking or other activity
Visiting art galleries and museums
Relaxing on the beach
Shooting photos
Visiting historical monuments
Sleeping in with no schedule

Traveler Quiz

How many people do you usually travel with?

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Alone—I like to meet people along the way
With my significant other
With my family
With a group of friends
With another couple

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